Giving Young kids and Young adults Possibilities

Hello and welcome! This is the Arch Angels Network, which I have set up to help children who may or have been abused or bullied and have somewhere to come to for extra help and support, and will be working closely with Childline and the NSPCC.

However being abused or bullied can leave everlasting scars and can prevent us in welcoming the big wide world, because of the trauma abuse and bullies gives, and so here is a video presented by the lovely Miranda Hart talking about a new programme she is patron of, SPEAR which helps young people get into work.

Please watch this video below:

When a child is abused it can be soul destroying and the after effects can be worser than the abuse. Many kids can end up homeless, in care and become addicted to drugs and alcohol to cover over the pain they feel.

Here is a video of a young girl talking about her Abuse she received via the internet:

No child should ever be in fear of their life and have a childhood filled with memories, laughter and lots and lots of love and affection that is harmless and reassure that they are safe.

As a parent I see myself as an open door for my son who if he ever is bullied can come to me and tell me and talk to me about it. I never want a child of mine ever living in fear.

So lets pull together to protect and nuture and the moto for me is Keep them safe, strong and away from those that harm.

Many thanks for your attention,

Carrie L.M X

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